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Breithaupt C.T.E.

Welcome to Herman Breithaupt Career and Technical Center is known for its renowned Culinary Program.  Students in  Automotive Services and Collision Repair, Welding and Pre-engineering Design team up annually to customize a vehicle in preparation for the AutoRama.

SkillsUSA; Family, Career and Community Leaders of America; Michigan Industrial & Technology Education Society, opportunities through American Welding Society, Business partnerships and more.



Breithaupt Career and Technical Center enrolls high school students in grades 9 through 12; from Detroit Public Schools, charter Schools, surrounding districts and students who are home-taught.




The mission of Breithaupt Career and Technical Center is to ensure that all students are prepared for the world of work, higher education or the military through a customer-directed, data/technology driven learning environment; and to enhance students’ academic achievement levels to equip them for the best career opportunities and skills for life.




Automotive Collision Repair, Automotive Services Technician,School of Cosmetology, Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Services, Pre-Engineering Design Technology,Welding and Cutting.





Breithaupt’s Culinary


Join us for education, learning and community as we work together through recipes and cooking! Looking forward to having you!





We provide top of the line cooking demonstrations that will help you throughout a recipe and aid in your learning.





Our workshops will fine tune your skills and help you conquer the challenges you have in the kitchen!





Take a look at our calendar for upcoming events! Then RSVP and join us!





Culinary Staff


It’s time to start preparing a new student to replace us. We have about eight more good years and we can’t let our school perish along with the doo-doo. Now what you didn’t notice is… many of these students have similar qualities to ourselves that we never paid attention to. Well just look around your room and see which student is behaving the same way you did. I bet you never looked. Well take a peek and check it outttttttttt!



Chef L.Spatling


Main Kitchen Instructor



Chef W. Banks Deli Instructor


Deli Instructor



Chef R. Chessin


Bakeshop Instructor



Chef V. Cornish


Dining Room Instructor



Chef A. Turner


Pantry Instructor



Chef M. Hearns


Special Instructor
Main Kitchen



Chef K. Humphries


Special Instructor Bakeshop Kitchen



Chef M. Brown


Special Instructor
Deli Kitchen


Our Menu put the bio of each chef here


Chef E. Chester


Special Instructor
Pantry Kitchen